Momohime Peach Foaming Face Wash
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Momohime Peach Foaming Face Wash

1,957 JPY

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手にとって泡立てるだけで、やさしい桃の香りが匂い立つクリーム状の洗顔料。きめ細かな泡が肌にやわらかなクッションをつくり、しっかりと汚れをオフ。お肌をすっきりとやわらかく整えます。桃の香りが心地よく素肌をつつみながら洗え、洗いあがりはさっぱりした使用感です。 Creamy face wash with subtle peach scent in foaming with hands. Excellent foaming creates light and fluffy bubble cushion and cleanses soil of skin gently but firmly, making you feel refresh after wash. Wrap face with hand full of lather and massage your face gently.